Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Greebles" Oculus Rift version

Virtual Reality Demo for the Oculus Rift

Download the offline playable PC version here
**important: start the demo facing forward, if not you might fly sideways...


- Slower speed
- More reactive objects
- flocking glow fishies
- Post fx tweaks

Download V1.2 win
Mirror 1 (Mega)
Mirror 2 (Dropbox)
Mirror 3 (

Download V1.1
- fixed object pop at the end when facing reverse
- fixed flying into greebles during random points
- moved some animated greebles away from the cam a bit to avoid intersection

V1.1 win
Mirror 1 
Mirror 2

I Created this demo to test cameras on a path, lightmapping and music based animation, nothing more. Face forward when launching!  This demo should use your IPD profile from the SDK profile creator.It pushes allot of verts, I recommend a decent video card.
Hope you enjoy just tripping out in it!

Music: c. Filthy Mittens Productions

c. 2013 Headtrip Games


  1. This is awesome thanks for the hard work and putting it up for download!

  2. This is SERIOUSLY one of the best RIFT demos so far. Feels like flying thru a futuristic skyscraper city. Cant wait to see where you take this. Thx for posting, well done! very impressive...

  3. Replies
    1. ...or even better; a github link with the source so that people can port it anywhere they want. :)

  4. Hi, I did a video gameplay of Greebles at and the video is at

  5. Nice. Really Nice.

    The balls freaked me out, they're so big and twitchy. Love the glowing fish particle touch too.

  6. hi, looks nice.
    any mac release? thank you.

  7. Hi,

    Do you have a Oculus DK2 version planned? :-)


    Dennis van der Pool

  8. Virtual Reality Demo for the Oculus Rift. Download the offline playable PC version here. **important: start the demo facing forward, if not you ...